Reflections: Anticipation & Expectation

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Wise teachers throughout the ages have declared that there is nothing but the present moment, both future and past are simply an illusion, a figment of the imagination.

To be in the present moment is the only way to be alive, allowing ourselves to be caught up in the illusion of past or present is akin to being in a dream state, not really here, lost in our imagination.

Anticipation is experienced when we give advanced thought, discussion or treatment to a certain thing.
Expectation is when we then become attached in some way to the initial anticipation.

So, we imagine something which has no real grounding in reality, then become attached to this fantasy becoming a part of our life.

We often attach our contentment, fulfilment and happiness to this, meaning that if this fantasy does not become a part of our reality, we are left discontented, unfulfilled and unhappy.

It all seems rather comical, when we are able to step back and really consider it.

Why do we find it so very hard to simply be in the present moment? Why do we feel a tendency to dwell on the illusion of the past?
Why do we become obsessed with fantasising about an illusory future?

Perhaps because we are not content, fulfilled or happy with what we have right now?

Perhaps because we cannot let go of the stories we have told ourselves about things we have so far experienced?

Perhaps because we have no idea what it is we truly desire?

So what is the antidote to this, what is the secret?

In my experience the most efficient and effective way through this is to be totally immersed in what you are doing right now.

Not in a way that you are doing it while thinking of how great the end result will be.
Not in a way that you are doing it while thinking about how much it will improve your life compared to your past.
But doing it solely for the joy of doing it.

I say it is the most efficient and effective way, but in truth I feel it is the only way.

If you are caught up in the trap of anticipation and expectation, lose yourself in current moment. Do something, anything, that allows you to truly lose yourself.

For me it is writing, when I put pen to paper the illusion of past and future melts away almost instantaneously, as do any associated feelings of stress and anxiety.

I ease gently into the present moment. I ease gently into peace.
I ease gently into Oneness.

What is it for you?


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