Esu Nick

Esu Nick

If you were to close your eyes, feel into yourself beyond the filter of the mind, what is your deepest truth in this moment?

Where does you heart call you today?
What would light you up more than anything else?
How are you going to sing your song to the world today?
In what ways can you express pure, unconditional love to yourself?

Where can you find moments to appreciate how magnificent you are?
From this place of deep self appreciation and love, how can you radiate this love to all around you?

How can your base state of pure Love be a healing power for you?
How can your base state of pure Love be a healing power for those around you? How can your base state of pure Love be a healing power for the world?

You are the highest expression of Love in this reality, a walking miracle capable of anything and everything.

YOU are subject to no limitations you have not chosen.
YOU can choose to be limitless, to be all that you KNOW you are.
YOU can make that choice right now, in this, the ever eternal present moment.

I am you, you are me, we are we.


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