Esu Nick

Esu Nick

What is your intention for today?
As the creator of your own reality, how would you like it to unfold?

Will you choose to be specific, to coddiwomple, or to simply be open to any and all which may arise?

When you set an intention with heart/mind alignment you make a statement of intent which rings throughout reality, you send the broadcast signal of ‘change’ into the universe, planting the seeds of transformation in your future.

YOU can experience anything you choose to.

YOU are only restricted by limiting beliefs and patterns, which are not YOU, just an obstruction you have collected, like dirt on the lens of a telescope.

YOU can clean the lens if you so wish, the first step is making the decision to do so.
If our lens is not clean, and we are carrying these restrictions, our broadcast signal will always be distorted in some way.

Yet this does not render the process of setting our intention useless, quite the opposite in fact.

Pure and authentic intention, held with certainty, has the power to cleanse, to heal, to bring calm.
It is one of the steps in cleaning our lens, in removing these obstructions so we can see reality as it truly is…

A playground designed by Us, for Us, for the evolution of Us. A place to find our Love, our Joy, our Peace.
A divine garden within which we plant the seeds of our deepest desires and dreams.

How would you like your day to unfold?


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