Esu Nick

Esu Nick

Have you ever met a person with whom the connection is so very strong that it becomes almost impossible to think about anything else?
Have you ever experienced that in these moments the feeling is intense at every level; physical, emotional, mental?
Have you ever noticed that in these moments our better judgement eludes us?

This can feel so beautiful, juicy and delicious. This can feel quite overwhelming.
The can feel a little terrifying.

It is then very easy to be pulled out of the present moment, caught up in ideas of ‘what could be’, thinking many steps ahead about the possibility of a fairytale future.

If we allow this to happen we open ourselves to attachment, at which point we create a web of expectation.
Once we are stuck in this web, it can be very difficult to get out.

Suddenly we start to feel fear of loss, becoming concerned, scared and perhaps even terrified that the vision we have for the future may be taken away from us.

In truth it is just a fantasy we have created. We cannot lose what we do not have.

This is yet another beautiful example of the benefit of staying in the present moment, of not trying to look too many steps ahead and of embracing the only thing which really exists; the eternal Now.

If we are able to do this, we are able to immerse ourselves into the deliciousness of the feeling without creating unnecessary discomfort, and ultimately suffering, for ourselves.

We also remove pressure from the other person.

If we consider this connection to be like a seed we have planted, this seed must be nurtured gently, allowing nature to work its magic.

Creating expectation here is akin to cracking open the seed and trying to force the plant to grow.

So are we not able to be excited about our future without falling into this trap?

Yes we can, however it is most constructive to do this from a place of anticipation, not expectation.

Expectation is attached. Anticipation is unattached.
Expectation creates fear of loss. Anticipation creates unattached excitement.

Expectation makes conclusions on things we cannot conclude. Anticipation leaves the space open for the river to bend.

Falling in love is the most beautiful experience, something our heart is a master of, it is only the human mind which has a tendency to struggle with it.


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