Transcendental Retreat

The Graduation Event of Your Lifetime*

Experience a Life-Changing 10-Day Adventure:
Transform You Life from Disarray and Discomfort to True Joy, Inner Peace, and Purpose

Transcendental Retreat



Spain, April, 2024

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Limited to maximum number of 25 participants per group!

Give yourself the gift of a direct experience of AS ME

Early Bird at €2,495

(Regular price will increase to €2,995)

Join us for ten days of deep release, letting go of all that which does not serve you in order to connect to that which you truly are; divine, limitless and magnificent beyond imagination. 
The highest reaches of consciousness are only embodied through direct experience, this is what is waiting for you. 

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Meet Your Tribe for Life

What is Pineal?

Pineal is a global well-being organisation exploring purposeful living, deep peace, fulfilment and joy, by bringing together different ancient and traditional knowledge with modern cutting edge therapeutic techniques and scientific research.

We provide safe space, protocols and methodologies for the expansion of consciousness to happen and deep healing to occur.

Through our programs people successfully transform their unhappiness, pain, suffering, addictions, depressions, fears and anxieties into a state of fulfilment, happiness, joy, love, peace, gratitude and excitement.

Very often, people get a completely new outlook, finally finding deep meaning and purpose in their lives.

We embody the philosophy of harmony and practical truth; deeply valuing traditions as long as they are not simply ideological dogmas. We seek to find the most powerful transformational tools from around the world and throughout history, synergising them to profound effect. 

Our highest priority is transformation, and as such we are always seeking ways to refine our approach to this sacred work, never falling into the illusion that we know all there is to know.

You Found Your Tribe!

Pineal Tribe is a container for human transformation
A non-judgemental space for true vulnerability to be expressed, which is an essential component in deep transformation.  
A family of Beings with one overriding thing in common; a desire to heal the world by first healing ourselves.
Each of the Pineal founders have experienced such monumental shifts in our lives, we are different people in almost every way of measuring it.
The fulfilment and joy this has brought to our experience of life is something we are called to share with anyone ready to receive it. You may wonder who would not be ready for such things, in our experience people are far more scared of their own magnificence than anything else. How do you feel about your own magnificence?
The work we are doing today directly benefits every person we interact and engage with, but this is only the start of the ripple. The true profundity of our work will be felt not by this generation, but by the generations yet to come. 
When we say ‘the work we do’, we don’t just mean the work of the Pineal Team, we mean the work of every soul, just like you, on the path to remembering who they are. The path to reconnecting to their limitless nature. 
We are all in this together, I am you, you are me, we are we.

Prepare For The Experience You'll Never Forget

Your journey through this process starts the moment you commit to being involved. At that point a member of the Pineal Team will be in touch to get things underway.
The process starts with a 1-on-1 deep dive consultation call where we start to untangle your inner world, highlighting pre held beliefs, limiting patterns and the experiences which created them.
This is followed by four group calls hosted by the Pineal Team. The primary purpose of these calls is to bring us together as a group, which serves to create the perfect container for vulnerability.
The secondary purpose of these calls is to provide the space for any and all questions to be answered. 
The final purpose of these calls is for the Pineal Team to provide the group with key information.
Outside of these five preparation calls the Pineal Team remain available for you throughout, for any thing you may require.
We opened this section by saying “Your journey through this process starts the moment you commit to being involved”, this is true for the practical reasons stated above, but it is also true for another reason. 
The moment you commit to change you make a statement of intent which rings throughout reality, you send the broadcast signal of ‘change’ into the universe, planting the seeds of transformation in your future.
Your journey to limitless living can begin right now, in this very moment, are you ready for a life of magnificence?





What Can You Expect To Learn and Experience

If we were to write a doctrine outlining our point of view on reality, we would call it The Doctrine of Practical Truth. Because from our point of view, no religion, faith or ideology is higher than observable, practical truth. 
Observable practical truth refers to something that each of us can see for ourselves, and even work with for demonstrable practical benefit.
So, we could then say that the Pineal policy would be, “Don’t just believe us, try it for yourself and if it works you know it is real.”
Throughout the ten days the Pineal Team, using a wide range of human development tools, will work with you to anchor this awareness deep into the core of your Being, setting you well on the path to embodiment.
What is the point of this awareness, and the value of fully embodying it?
All human suffering emanates from the fact that the human race is in a state of amnesia, struggling to remember their true nature. 
This amnesia keeps us limited as it fixes our attention to the illusion of this third dimensional physical plane, which results in us falling into the traps of judgement, resistance and attachment.
Each of us is born without limitation, all limitation is learned. The process of unlearning is the journey to experience of an unlimited life, where the entirety of life becomes available to us.
Are you ready to accelerate this process, to bring forth your moment of full incarnation into your true limitless potential?





Full Support Through the Integration and Embodiment Period

Often the realities we create for ourselves are somewhat, sometimes totally, out of alignment with the yearning of our soul.

We’ve been taught to ‘put up with it’ and ‘get on with it’, which we have become quite good at; but at the cost of our access to true fulfilment and joy.

When a person has a direct experience of their own Godliness, their truly limitless nature and the way this game we call life really works, it is common for them to then feel completely out of alignment with the reality they previously created for themselves.

This can cause challenges if a person is not supported, and can result in the dilution of the profundity of their experience.

In the four week period following the retreat you will be guided through the Pineal Embodiment Process. This consists of access to the Pineal Team for 1-on-1 calls, and four weekly group calls hosted by us.

While the 1-on-1 calls are an open space for exploration, the group calls take on a workshop format as we explore four frameworks for working with reality, which can prove particularly powerful as a follow on from our retreat work.

Call 1: Life is a Game
Call 2: The 7 Principles of Reality Feedback
Call 3: Working with the Levels of Consciousness
Call 4: Mirror Reality

Completion of the four week embodiment process is just the beginning, from our point of view. You are now a member of the Pineal Tribe, we are your family and will continue to support you where we can on your journey back home.





Vegan Food to Nourish Your Body and Soul

We can think of food as our daily medicine, which will nurture, transform and actually create our body. Millions of cells are dying within us every day, it’s in our best interest to give the best quality materials for new cells and a new pure existence to develop.

For this purpose, we select whole foods and prepare them in a way they will preserve nutrients and also bring a very pleasant experience for your palate. We can find great sources of quality produce in the local area, making sure our guests receive fresh and delicious meals every day.





Amazing Space for Deep Transformation

The picturesque rolling hills of Spain are the backdrop to the magical property playing home to our journey of transformation. Being a working farm, we are joined by farmyard animals and nourished with ingredients picked fresh from the earth.
A fresh water lake, indoor waterfall, huge ceremony space, Temazcal and enriching nature synergise to create a mystical setting for truly magical experiences to unfold.