Unlock Your Life – Playing the Human Game from GodMode

Unlock Your Life

Playing the Human Game from GodMode

Master the Rules, Rewrite the Game: Elevate Your Health, Amplify Your Wealth, Deepen Relationships, and Experience Unshakable Joy

Every Game Has a Rules

If you take a close look, most games have rules, regulations, and a clear structure. Whether we talk about football, baseball, golf or any other game people like to play, everyone who chooses to play a game agrees to follow the rules and regulations and observe that game’s structure. This is required to make the game work.

Players rarely question the origins of the games they play, or the apparent arbitrary nature of the rules, regulations, and structures. They begin playing games that were invented long ago, and do exactly what they’re told by “the powers that be.” 

The same is true of all the games within the Human Game. When examined closely and objectively, the rules, regulations, and structure of The Human Game appear arbitrary and don’t really make much sense either, as you’re about to learn.

However, later you’ll see that there’s a mind-blowing intelligence, plan, and intent behind the design of The Money Game, The Relationship Game, The Health Game and all the others –  and we promise, when you find out what it is, it’ll rock your world! 

Are You Ready To Change Them?

Welcome to “Unlocking the Human Game” – a transformative program designed to radically shift your understanding of life’s essential domains: Health, Wealth, Relationships, and Joy.

Have you ever wondered why, despite all your efforts, some areas of life remain perplexing and challenging? Or why the societal rules you’ve been taught don’t always lead to the happiness and success they promised?

You’re not alone. Just like a game, life comes with its own set of rules. But not all these rules lead to fulfillment and contentment. In fact, many of them keep us stuck, stressed, and striving for an ever-receding finish line.

What if there were a different way?

What if you could rewrite the rules of these crucial life games to better align with your authentic self and deepest desires?

This is where “Unlocking the Human Game” comes in.

Throughout this three-month journey, we’ll delve deep into the sub-games of Health, Wealth, Relationships, and Joy. By challenging old beliefs and assumptions, and exploring new perspectives, you will discover more effective strategies and tools to navigate these areas.

We’ll take a hard look at the unspoken rules that may have been unconsciously driving your decisions and actions. Together, we’ll work to rewrite these rules, enabling you to live more authentically, joyfully, and successfully.

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation, where you’re not just a player, but the master of your own game.

Are you ready to decode your reality and unlock the true potential of your Human Game?

 Join us today and transform the way you play life.

About the Program

Unlocking the Human Game” is an immersive 3-month group coaching program designed to help you transform your approach to life’s most essential domains: Health, Wealth, Relationships, and Joy.

The program follows a unique three-phase approach to ensure deep learning and lasting change:

Month One – Deconstruction

The first phase is all about uncovering and deconstructing deep-rooted false patterns that have been hindering your progress in the key life domains. Through introspective exercises and guided discussions, we will identify these limiting beliefs and prepare for their transformation.

Month Two – Conscious Creation

In the second month, we introduce materials and tools for conscious creation of a new set of empowering rules. We will learn to rewrite the scripts that have been running our lives, making space for new, more fulfilling narratives to take root.

Month Three – Integration

The final phase involves deep integration of the new creation into your daily life. We will apply our newly developed awareness and tools to cement these changes, turning them into a natural part of our approach to the reality of our lives.

Alongside this transformative journey, the program includes:

thematic modules

Each month focuses on four the key 'sub-games' – Health, Wealth, Relationships, and Joy. We delve deep into each area, helping you identify outdated beliefs, challenge limiting assumptions, and create a new set of empowering rules.

Live Coaching Calls

Regular live calls provide a space to discuss module content, clarify doubts, share insights, and learn from the experiences of others. These sessions are designed to be interactive and engaging, fostering a supportive learning community.

Self-Study Material

Our recorded material allows you to explore each module at your own pace. These resources include videos, readings, and reflective exercises designed to enhance your understanding and facilitate personal growth.

Tools and Strategies

You'll receive practical tools, strategies, and techniques to help rewrite your game rules. These resources are yours to keep, allowing for continued learning and growth beyond the duration of the program.

Program Highlights

Embarking on the journey with “Unlocking the Human Game” is a commitment to profound personal transformation. Here’s a glimpse into the discoveries and learnings you can expect throughout the program:

1. Unveiling Life’s Big Questions
Delve into the profound questions that have intrigued humanity for ages: Who am I? Why am I here? What’s my purpose? We’ll explore these queries deeply, illuminating answers that resonate with your personal truth.

2. Understanding the Human Game
Uncover the origins, mechanics, and creator of the Human Game, learning why it seems impossible to win and what revolutionary shifts you can make to transform your experience.

3. Recognizing Hidden Power
Identify what’s hidden in plain sight within the Human Game and harness its power to your advantage.

4. Navigating Life’s Phases
Understand the two main phases of human life, their distinct characteristics, challenges, and potentials. Learn why common manifestation techniques, such as the Law of Attraction, may not always work in the first phase and are unnecessary in the second.

5. Transitioning Between Phases
Gain actionable insights on how to transition from the first stage of life to the liberating second phase.

6. Deciphering Your Patterns
Learn about your specific human patterns and its role in liberating you from the constraints of the Human Game.

7. Decoding the Universe
Understand the workings of the Universe through the lens of Holographic principles, unraveling its connection to your reality.

8. Discerning Reality from Illusion
Learn to differentiate between real experiences and illusions, enhancing your perception of life and its events.

9. Interpreting Relationships
Explore the purpose of the people in your life and their role in your Human Game. Challenge conventional wisdom and consider whether these other players truly exist outside your perception.

10. Achieving True Abundance
Discover pathways to attain abundant health, wealth, joy, nurturing relationships, and personal fulfillment within the construct of the Human Game.

Throughout the program, you will receive practical tools, techniques, exercises, and guidance, equipping you to transcend the confines of the Human Game and embark on a journey of true freedom and fulfillment.

Your Commitment

Participating in the “Unlocking the Human Game” program is more than just a financial investment; it’s a commitment to your personal growth and transformation. The journey we are inviting you to embark upon demands dedication in various forms:

Your Energy
The willingness to invest your energy is fundamental. This means being prepared to engage fully with the course materials, actively participate in the live coaching calls, and undertake the reflective exercises with sincerity and openness.

Dedicated Time
This is not a quick fix, but a deep, immersive journey of transformation. As such, it requires a commitment of your time over three months to truly delve into the content, explore the concepts and integrate the insights into your life.

Clear Focus
A clear and consistent focus is key to gaining the maximum benefits from this program. Throughout the course, you’ll need to concentrate on your learnings, practice mindfulness, and dedicate mental space to reflection and change.

Strong Decision
A definitive decision to transform your life is crucial. This is a commitment to change, to see the world differently, and to open yourself up to new ways of thinking and being.

Financial Investment
Lastly, there’s a financial aspect to your commitment. This investment not only allows you access to the program but also symbolizes your readiness to invest in your personal growth and well-being. This financial exchange, in itself, can be a powerful affirmation of your commitment to change.

The full investment for the program is $2997. However, as part of our mission to make this transformative journey more accessible, we’re offering a discounted rate of $2397 for our first program launching in September. We also understand the need for flexibility, hence we’re providing an installment option of 3 payments of $897.

Remember, this investment is more than just a transaction – it’s a statement of intent, a declaration that you’re ready to commit to your own growth and transformation.

About the Coaches

Esu Nick

author of the book "Reality Unwrapped"

My name is Nick Bell, known as Esu Nick, and in short I am a truth seeker, Shamanic Apprentice, Spiritual Teacher & Coach. I wish you good fortune for the journey ahead and hope from the bottom of my heart that what I share in this program has the same profound effect on your life as it has had on mine.

Björn Lenz, PhD

author of the book "rediscovering you are god"

I am Björn Lenz, PhD mathematician, Author and Spiritual Teacher. My guidance can only shine a light on the path in front of you; it is then up to you whether it is a path you wish to walk. I can be your guide, but ultimately only you can choose to take on this adventure. This is what I’m here to do. Will I see you on the other side?

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