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Unlock Your Life Program

Online, September 2023

Playing the Human Game from “GodMode”

Master the rules, rewrite the game: Elevate your health, amplify your wealth, deepen relationships, and Experience Unshakable Joy in this 3-month group coaching program which will offer you a complete pathway to the Enlightenment.

Transcendental Retreat

Spain, April 2024

Experience a life-changing 10-day adventure:
Transform you life from disarray and discomfort to true joy, inner peace, and purpose. The highest reaches of consciousness are only embodied through direct experience, this is what is waiting for you.

The Masters of Destiny Cruise

Croatia, August 2024

What would happen to your life after spending 7-days learning and practicing some of the highest levels of metaphysics, all whilst experiencing the magical islands of Croatia aboard a luxury private cruise ship?

Now imagine combining that in an alchemy of amazing adventures, unforgettable experiences, and one-in-a-lifetime memories.

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What if there is much more to Life than you think?

What if you are much more than you know?
What if you can learn how to unleash yourself?
what if nothing is impossible?



The Pineal Tribe Podcast

Join us on this journey where we explore different topics on self development, spirituality, personal transformation, healing and mystical.



hosted by Nick Bell

We believe the one power human beings have is the power of choice. We envision a world where Mankind has used this power in a conscious way.

We see a world where Humanity shares the very pulse of life with Mother Nature. Where lush trees and clear streams are respectfully integrated with man-made structures.

Each person, family, tribe and society expresses its own individuality with endless unique practices, customs and cultures.

At the same time, Humanity merges into Unity by sharing love like candlelight – by lighting another candle, one does not weaken the individual light but strengthens the united flame.

As our connection to the Earth and each other has deepened, we regained understanding of our bodies, minds and souls. 

It is common to see children learn from robust health, passion and wisdom of elders well over 100 years old.

In this world, enlightenment and empowerment is a domain of all people. Nobody claims to have all the answers and each person is encouraged to contribute to the shared experience of the Spirit.

We believe the one power human beings have is the power of choice. In a world we see, Mankind has chosen to wake up.

We are Pineal. Join us.

Unique Transformational and Healing Retreat Experience

"Experience an exploratory journey, one that may unfold the fabric of your entire existence while connecting you to a universal consciousness and the very essence of unconditional love."
Orson boon

What else is possible in your life?

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