Esu Nick

Esu Nick

In life we experience all manner of things.
There comes a time when experience itself becomes a joy, regardless of it’s nature.

There are also experiences which give us a sense of the magic. Experiences which light us up inside and make us feel like anything is possible.

We of course know these as ‘magic moments’.

Magic moments can be something extraordinarily unique such as a cacao ceremony on the top deck of a magical boat, witnessing the birth of your child, your wedding day and other such events.

They can also be the more regular events such as eating a meal with your family, seeing an old friend for the first time in a while or taking a stroll through a forest.

The common thread in all magic moments is presence in the moment, a total connection to what is unfolding.
We play our own heartstrings in such a way that we experience a moment of total harmony.

The busyness of life can sometimes take us away from this presence, we can get caught up fussing over something in our past or overthinking something that may occur in our future.

This busyness can block us from experiencing the magic of the current moment, in effect removing the experience of magic from our lives and disconnecting us from the divine presence we always have the potential to be aware of.

It can be a useful exercise to assign time each day to being entirely present, no distractions, full immersion in the moment. We then open the space for magic moments to occur spontaneously, hidden in plain sight in the ordinariness of life.

This practice also conditions us to be in this state more naturally and automatically, and we can find ourselves utterly soaked in a warm loving connection to all that is around us. A feeling of total oneness.

So whether big or small, unique or ordinary, exciting or relaxing, I wish you all a day of beautiful magic moments. Have fun playing in this gift of a reality my magical friends.

Where will you find your magic today?


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